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President Rick Bender, Jr.:
President Rick Bender, Jr.:Challenging People to sow seeds of comfort into the hearts of the afflicted which will result in changed, productive lives.

President and Founder Rev.  Rick Bender, one of Florida’s leaders in community outreach, Evangelistic/Holy Ghost meetings, and pastoring has been changing communities throughout the Southeast.
Evangelist, Missionary, Pastor Rick Bender provides:

  1. A seminar entitled ,” Outreach Explosion”, which has caused thousands of people in hundreds of communities how to sow seeds of compassion.  He demonstrates it  by operating a successful explosive community outreach program, ” Hunger Pain Strike Force”.  Hunger Pain Strike Force provides over 3 million dollars worth of food throughout 27 counties in Florida, and two other states. This is over 2.4 million pounds of food distributed annually.

  2. A seminar on Personal Evangelism.  Rev. Bender believes that if all you do is reach out and never reach up to God, you feed someone and you leave them warm and full, but lost and going to hell.  Rev Bender has found the bridge between evangelism and social work.  With this wealth of experience the organization,, he is president of  , teaches seeds of evangelism which combine reaching up and reaching out

  3. Rev. Bender has held weekly Holy Ghost Crusades which have resulted in powerful life changing experiences.

  4. Rev. Bender pastors “Harvest Time Ministry Center”  which provides a weekly breakfast, worship, and groceries