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S.S.E.A. Provides ALL the resources needed for a community impact

S.S.E.A. is one of Florida’s leaders in community outreach.  Through their Community Outreach Explosion Seminar over 200 communities in more than 27 counties have impacted millions of people.  One pastor quotes, ”  Somebody somewhere is easting Seed Sowers Food”.

When S.S.E.A. is invited for a community outreach weekend they provide:

1)  3,000 pound of food to set up the food pantry

2) 2 hour seminar on how to conduct a food pantry

     a.  where to get the “FOOD”

     b.  where to get the :”$”

     c.  how to screen people

     d.  how to become a partner with S.S.E.A.

     e.  how to protect your church from personal liability

S.S.E.A. on an annual basis receives 52  53′ semi’s of food weighing 32,000 pounds annually in it’s 10,000 sq. foot warehouse.  More than 40 agencies network with S.S.E.A, in providing over 2.4 million meals annually.  We believe this is a proven track record.