Personal Evangelism Seminars 2017-09-03T01:15:28+00:00

S.S.E.A.  Provides Proven Evangelism Techniques

If all you do is reach out and never reach up to God, you feed someone and you leave them warm and full, but lost and going to hell.

If all you do is preach, sing, dance and reach up- but never reach out- you have missed it !

S.S.E.A. has found the bridge between evangelism and social work.  With this wealth of experience, the Seed Sowers teach evangelism seminars which combine reaching up and reaching out,

S.S.E.A.’s Personal Evangelism Seminar teaches your congregation :

1.  How to approach a person

2.  How to start a conversation

3. How to share a personal testimony

4.  How to share a message of salvation

5.  How to ask convicting questions