How to Create Effective Transactional Emails



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Transactional emails are the emails that are sent after a customer takes a particular action– like shipping, order, and delivery confirmations.

Besides notifying your customer of their recent activity, transactional emails are a great opportunity to build brand awareness and customer loyalty. Let’s take a look at 4 tips for your transactional emails.

1. Make Sure Your Voice is On-Brand in the email

Often, a company’s order confirmation email won’t match that of their other marketing emails, in terms of formality.

For example, many brands send newsletters that lead off with “Hi [First Name],” but send order confirmation emails that start with “Dear [First Name],” or even “Dear Mr./Ms. [Last Name].”

Consistency here is key. If your other emails are highly formal, it’s fine for your order confirmation emails to be, too.

2. Provide Relevant Product Details in the copy

Many shoppers keep transactional emails as a record to remind them what exactly they purchased and as a receipt.

By including product information like the quantity, size, and color, they’ll be able to verify that their information is correct. 3. Enable Tracking for Orders: Transactional emails, especially those related to shipping notifications, should allow your customers to track their order.

Include an estimated delivery date or even better, a tracking link. This can also help cut down on incoming messages from eager customers wanting to know just where their order is.

4. Be Proactive in the content

Try to anticipate your customer’s’ needs by including easily accessible links to your customer support or phone number, just in case they need to get in touch with you. If a customer made a mistake — like choosing the wrong shipping address, quantity, or size, for instance — they’ll need to reach out to your company before their item ships.

That’s it. You got this!

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